About Us

Gourmet Meets Comfort

Please your taste buds by creating a meal with Divine Epicurean’s team that will excite the taste buds and create a smile on your face. Plan a meal that does not compromise on taste or quality but spends wisely to give a meal to remember. There is no excuse for frozen or artificial ingredients. Always working with fresh ingredients, Chef Marjorie makes everything just in time for dinner, coming straight from the stoves to your plate.  


Just like grandma’s meals on Sundays. Just like a five-star dinner at a high-end restaurant.


Just like you. Unique. Distinct. Carefully Chosen.


A meal that creates an impression on your taste buds and memory. Divine Epicurean’s services are unimaginably good.

Meet the Team

Chef Dish



Professional - Caring - Patient

Chef Marjorie's team is an uniquely assembled team that has various backgrounds in the hospitality industry. Each team member has been working in hospitality for over five years and experienced in handling private events. This team can put together an event within 72 hours and execute it efficiently as possible. They will make sure that your guests are comfortable and the meal is going according to time. Partnering with other local companies, this team will plan the event from beginning to end with no details to spare. No worries in the kitchen with the food, the sous chef and others will prepare and create a visually enticing plate. Every plate that comes out the kitchen will make an impression on your guests to last a lifetime. 


Chef Marjorie 

Bold - Exuberant - Driven  

A natural cook in the kitchen, her love of food and cooking began at a young age. Experimenting with different seasonings, herbs and fresh produce, Chef Marjorie began to create her own recipes.  Time and experience has allowed her to make things from scratch, without any artificial ingredients. For a love of cooking, she began experimenting with different flavors from other cultures as well as different styles of cooking such as sautéing, baking ,frying, etc. Her love of cooking also extends to baked goods. Excelling in her craft, she began Divine Epicurean in 2010.  Armed with a desire to create great meals for people at great costs, Divine Epicurean became an outlet for her after many hardships. As a single mom, she made it possible for her company to create meal plans for families with no time to cook.  While working another job , being a mom and starting Divine Epicurean, she pressed her way into a successful company.  Often creating meals for co-workers, local businesses and local residents, success took off.  Always driven and passionate, Chef Marjorie never lets down a customer or let a customer leave without a great meal.  Every customer praises her food, often calling it addicting because of it's delicious taste and intoxicating smell. Starting as a simple home chef with now a thriving culinary catering company, Chef Marjorie brings a distinct style and personality to gourmet food. 


Gourmet meets Comfort. Feed your soul and excite your taste buds.