Marjorie Harvey

Marjorie Harvey, Head Chef and Owner of Divine Epicurean & Entertainment LLC, is a native of Detroit, Michigan.  Her passion for the culinary arts began at the age of 12.  Her first solo meal was the simple and classic bacon and eggs.  From then on, her family would sporadically test her skills and ability to implement a variety of new seasonings, herbs, and fresh produce.  Though she had no experience at the time, she was able to make spaghetti sauce from scratch, going off of what she believed it should taste like, instead of following a recipe.  It was at this time she discovered her natural niche for cooking.  Throughout the years she would continue experimenting with a variety of styles from sautéing, to baking and frying. In her spare time, she would observe different styles of cooking from other cultures to master her newly found, yet innate, talent.  As she got older, Marjorie became the go-to person to host family events and holiday parties. It was almost to the point where people would create a reason to celebrate, just to get a taste of Marjorie’s cooking. 

It was in 2010 that Marjorie’s “hobby” turned into Divine Epicurean.  After going from a two-parent, two income household, to a single mother of three children and being laid off from her job of eight years, Marjorie was forced to think quickly and figure out a fast and legal way to provide for her children.  While Marjorie was a natural hustler and go-getter, she didn’t want to go back to her previous lifestyle in night clubs which provided little consistency and stability.  It was at this time that Marjorie took what she knew best—cooking and hustling—and created Divine Epicurean & Entertainment.  At the time she was a student, and the campus was now her restaurant. 

Marjorie experienced what almost seemed like an overnight success. Her meal sales did exponential numbers rather quickly.  Her success skyrocketed and she went from delivering meals to three of the five campuses at Wayne County Community College District, to local businesses and even local residents.  After being laid off from her previous employer, Marjorie knew that she never wanted to rely on anyone or anything else, and that she had no choice but to make Epicurean a success.  This drive and passion have stayed with her over the years and she’s never let up on her ambition.  Today she has grown from a campus entrepreneur to a highly coveted, national culinarian.  Her vision and mission for Divine Epicurean and Entertainment is to do for other families, what it did for hers: bring people together for happy occasions through good food and creating lasting memories.

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