What is a Personal Chef?

Personal chefs prepare food in your home; are in-home/on-site chefs that bring our own equipment; shop and prepare meals in your home.  Our menus are usually very broad, and we tailor your foods to your likes, dislikes, food allergies and dietary restrictions.  We prepare meals for families for 1-2 weeks at a time.  Personal chefs may also offer other services including in-home dinner parties, cooking lessons, demos and other in-home parties.

How much does it cost?

Rates for Personal Chef Services are based on number of meals by number of servings for each meal prepared and are more affordable than you realize.  Meal services are complete meals that generally include a protein, starch and vegetable.  Another meal option would be a casserole/hot dish and one side.  Dietary restrictions may alter the typical meal service and can be discussed at your consultation.

Personal Chef Service cost start at $125 ( for one meal) plus the cost of groceries and  6% sales tax. Cost includes chef fee, menu planning, grocery shopping, preparation and containers.

We fully personalize your meals.

As a Personal Chef, meal options are limitless. I will sit with you to discuss your special event and budget.  Together we will come up with a customized menu just for your event.  Prices are determined by menu and number of guests.  Once a menu is discussed and selected, we price/cost it out by obtaining current ingredient prices, quantity of food needed and can then determine a specific price.

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